Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What to be when I grow up?

I have always envied those people who knew from an early age what their passion in life was. I, on the other hand, seem be eternally curious about so many things that I'm not sure I will ever be able to do justice to any of them. As I look back on my childhood, the only thing I always knew I wanted to be was a mom.

As a teenager I had a part-time job in a real estate office, which turned into a 20 year career as an Escrow Officer (the neutral third-party that prepares the legal documents and handles the money in a real estate transaction). I'm organized and good with numbers, so the job is a good fit for me, but I'm not passionate about it whatsoever.

I love cooking and come from a family of chefs and food lovers - even my kids are budding gourmands! I love babies (the littler and fresher the better) and have considered being a doula so I could help new mommies with the difficult first weeks. I am very interested in genealogy and my roots, especially with regard to traditional foods and customs. Gardening and decorating are also very close to my heart.

If you enter all of those interests, passions, and skills into the "career computer" it turns out that I am highly qualified to be a wife, mother, and domestic goddess. So I guess I did find my dream job after all.

Oh, and I also love to write, which brings me here.

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